India is home to nearly every geographical wonder. Each corner of the country has unique features on display and from our experience we certainly know South India has been blessed abundantly. The region has spectacular travel treasures and we are eager to share them with you.

After discovering the hidden marvels of Kerala, we launched Get Away Tours into action, in 2013. With domestic travel packages to Kerala as our primary focus, we offered up numerous exotic Kerala tours. We’ve managed to build a legacy as premier holiday makers with intimate Kerala honeymoon tours, fun filled family holidays and rejuvenating travel getaways. We soon took the positive response from travellers as our que to expand and began tours and travel packages to TamilNadu as well. Our tours here highlight the magnificent Tamil hill stations, long shore lines, colorful ancient culture and dire devotion through architecture, pilgrimages and prayer.  

To allow our guests to enjoy the abundance of Southern India, we offer up curated travel deals. Out strong ties within the travel sector enable us to provide you the pocket friendly deals on:

  • Flight bookings

  • Hotel bookings

  • Tour and guide bookings

  • Transport bookings

The transport services we provide are owned by us so you possess the liberty to travel where you want to, when you want to. Plus, our drivers are locals themselves with expert knowledge of their routes and locality and have excellent communication skills.

Each of our tours are designed and tested by us to ensure you enjoy yourself to the fullest. We arrange for all your heart’s contents even after your holiday has commenced. Our special connections with local elephant owners (mahouts) can get you impromptu elephant rides. Last minute seats to see cultural dances, events and exhibitions can also be arranged for your complete cultural fill. We arrange meet ups with the locals too for first hand interactions and exposure to their cuisine, lifestyle and heritage. You are in complete control.

We are here to give your dreams wings, you only have to ask!